Review process

Langio’s mission is to help you learn the language of your dreams by connecting you with the best language learning resources.

We do that through the Langio Score; a comprehensive review system designed by language and learning experts. The Langio Score evaluates providers across 5 key criteria and 20+ sub criteria to objectively assess the platforms we review. We typically spend 10 hours over the course of 2 weeks testing each platform before giving it a score and then benchmarking it against its peers.

You can find our scoring criteria below:


  • Vocabulary. Teaches core words repeatedly in different contexts and uses different methods to teach vocabulary, including images, antonyms, synonyms and cognates
  • Cultural hints and tips - Helps you understand how to speak appropriately in different contexts (formal and informal), provides a sense of place and a sensitivity to differences and similarities between native and target cultures.
  • Listening - Uses native speakers for listening activities (not bots) so the user hears correct pronunciation and gains a sense of sound, rhythm and tone in the target language
  • Speaking - Frequently incorporates speaking into practice activities and has strong speech recognition software to improve accuracy and fluency.
  • Reading - activities that help the user to understand familiar vocabulary in different contexts and to see grammar patterns
  • Writing - Provides opportunities to write giving the user more time to think about familiar words and phrases, use them to create sentences and commit them to memory
  • Grammar - Provides a good feel for grammar by exposing the user to it repeatedly, in meaningful contexts. For more complex grammar forms, also provides clear grammar explanations in the user's own native language.
  • Feedback - Gives feedback on learners' responses, ideally through a reinforcement tool that continually tests users on areas they've struggled with

User Experience

  • Fun to learn - Activities provide a sense of fun and learning does not feel like a chore. Gamification may be used to keep you active and engaged.
  • Mix of methods - a range of different methods are used to teach, keeping the experience fresh.
  • Personalization - has proficiency testing so users know where to start their journey and lets them set learning goals.
  • Ease of use - East to navigate through the platform and course material and to clearly see your progress and what's next.


  • Range of features
  • Quality of features

Value for Money

The price point is competitive and reflects the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform to deliver on its promises.