About Langio


We help you learn the language of your dreams by connecting you with the best language learning resources.

Learning a new language is tough. Finding the best method for you shouldn’t be. That’s where Langio comes in. We’re a dedicated team of language and learning specialists and we’re here to help.

Why compare with Langio

  • We've built a comprehensive review system in conjunction with language learning specialists. Our scoring system evaluates providers across 5 key criteria and 20+ sub criteria to objectively assess each platform we review
  • You can filter and sort language learning platforms based on your individual circumstances. Everyone is different, so the idea that there is one single best platform is flawed. With our comparison tables you can filter based on your situation, goals, and what matters to you.
  • Langio is built by a team of language and learning experts. Within our ranks we count polyglots, language teachers, translators, localisation specialists, and educators. But not everyone is an expert. We also have people who have struggled with traditional language learning methods who can relate to you and struggles you may have faced in the past.

Catalin Croitoru

Catalin has lived and worked all over the world, speaks a handful of languages, and is the technical mastermind behind Langio's systems. He has a huge background in coding and he helps us build the best and most comprehensive language app comparison website.

Elizabeth Hurley

Liz Hurley has over 30 years’ experience teaching in high schools. She has taught literacy across the school curriculum, is bi-lingual and has taught English as a second language to refugees.

Finn Patraic

Finn has worked in international environments for over 7 years, is a lifelong learner, and the founder of Learnopoly. Finn brings to the team his passion for learning, his deep experience in evaluating learning platforms, and his own experience learning languages.